Tak Kuroha

Born in Tokyo in the year of the Snake (1977), wastes his childhood watching mangas and reading sci-fi books. Grows up in Milan – eating a lot of pasta – and during the teenage years falls in love with the Simpsons, the X-Files and then the Sopranos. After watching Ed Wood by Tim Burton he finds out his life goal: becoming the worst director in the world! So he begins his career both in production and as a screenwriter. Attends workshops with men of genius like John Carpenter and Abel Ferrara, and in the end starts directing commercials, fashion films, music videos and shortfilms (winning several – maybe too many! – awards). Currently he’s waiting for a psychiatric evaluation because of his schizophrenia (he has got several aliases living different lives). He loves any form of surreal, crazy, satiric, politically incorrect narration, black humour, sci-fi… Ah, he also loves bunnies... especially the bad ones.

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