JJ Keith

Having graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA in Film Studies, JJ launched his career directing three shorts, all of which were highly acclaimed. ‘Holiday Romance’ was nominated for an Oscar and went on to win ‘Best Short Film’ at the Hollywood Film Festival. Following a stint in TV Drama, JJ turned his attention to commercials. JJ’s rare ability to combine sensitivities of different visual styles and performances meant he was directing spots for Gossard, Boots, Heinz, Mars, Sainsbury’s… Much of JJ’s work has been met with critical acclaim both in festivals (Hollywood film festival or Cannes Lions) and industry publications like Board Magazine.JJ receives a great deal of repeat work notably having helmed 118 118 campaign for a couple of years and with three separate jobs for Guinness. Recently JJ has directed people falling out of a giant piñata, children acting drunk and a Vampire love story, this goes some way to illustrate his versatility.

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