Chocolat Rouge News

Chocolat Rouge news.

Storm Warning

Christophe Barratier, director of Paris 36 and the Chorus, will perform, from the month of June, the thriller "Storm Warning", based on the Kerviel affair.

The trader will be played on screen by the young actor Arthur Dupont. The action of "Avis de tempête", whose writing has been done in consultation of Mr Kerviel will take place in part during the weekend during which the trader was summoned to the headquarters of Société Générale.


1500 Red Boxes, Each containing a red naomi rose. That's what you could find this morning. Chocolat Rouge participated to this lovely project in London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Lili Bonnie

Chocolat Rouge just produced this marvelous clip for Lili Bonnie. We can't wait to see the end result.

Catch me if you can

Chocolat Rouge produced 4 films this summer for the launch of the new LG mobile phone.
Worldwide campaign
Director & DOP : Ben Hartenstein
Shot in Barcelona

Cannes 60Th Lions Festival

We've spent an amazing week in Cannes for the 60th Lions Festival !
Great meetings, friends, and parties!  we're back in Paris full of happiness and hope...
Thanks to all !

NARS the movie

Chocolat Rouge is happy to share its last production: film Nars cosmetics for the internet and social networks.
A web portrait starring fashion icon Catherine Baba.
Directed by our talented Sandro Suppnig.
Shot in well known places, and Chez Maxim's, one of the most prestigious restaurant in Paris.


We are now producing a short film for Nars cosmetics directed by our talented director Sandro Suppnig, starring fashion icon Catherine Baba.


Chocolat Rouge was attending the AdFest  in Pattaya.It 's been a very interesting festival in this part of the world where you feel a very big dynamism.
Great meetings, lot of interest for our directors' work. 


We are very happy to share our last executive production shoot in Paris.