About Chocolat Rouge

Based in Paris, France, Chocolat Rouge works in both the French and international markets. Our specialty is creating a solid link between production companies and advertising agencies. And more than just representing film directors, Chocolat Rouge is an executive producer partner company.

Blending Talents

Chocolat Rouge firmly believes in the wealth of blending together talents. The company represents both commercial and feature film directors from a broad range of cultures and countries. Each one of our directors has achieved a notoriety and acclaimed creative profile in their own market. We also make recommendations for specialized film and photo crew talents.

Chocolat Rouge knows how to capitalize on the available talents, skills and production expertise in visual storytelling and we specialize in being up to date in digital supports, web series and short films.

We firmly believe in the commercial arena dedicated to TV commercials and web shorts for advertising agencies and we adapt our expertise to each particular entertainment project. Ultimately, we offer our clients an incredible pool of talent while providing a productive environment which enables an exchange of the best ideas to produce efficient, creative and imaginative shoots.

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